Monday, May 30, 2011

RedMere Announces New Ultra-High Speed 18Gbps Booster Module for Next Generation HDMI Cables

RedMere®, a leading supplier of smart, active cable solutions today announced that it has developed a revolutionary ultra-high speed HDMI module, the PRA1701. This 18Gbps self-powered booster module future-proofs all HDMI connectivity needs and ensures that audiences can engulf their viewing senses in 3D-HD and immersive interactive entertainment applications.
The PRA1701 delivers an unprecedented 18Gbps of HDMI connectivity with three data channels available on this module, at 6Gbps each. The module can be embedded into an ultra-high speed HDMI cable connector, and RedMere’s proprietary energy harvesting technology ensures that no external power supply is required. By delivering 18Gbps connectivity, this booster module ensures the very best in 3D-HD and interactive entertainment and future-proofs against increasing multi-media data rate needs. Not only will the PRA1701 deliver the highest data rates in an active HDMI cable ever achieved, but the built in booster allows the cable to become 60% thinner than a traditional High Speed HDMI® Cable. This means that the cable will be as portable as the devices it services like the smartphone, tablet or the compact digital camera and the reduced form factor also means the cable will be easier to install and route from the DVD player or set-top-box to the HDTV.
Ruud van der Linden, RedMere’s Chief Marketing Officer commented, ‘RedMere is delighted to announce details of our ultra-high speed 18Gbps booster module at Computex this year. RedMere enabled cables continue to be the connectivity product of choice for sharing high definition content and media, for devices like tablets and smartphones, due to the unrivaled standards of lightness and portability our technology can enable in HDMI cables. The PRA1701 booster module shows that RedMere is ahead of the demands to increase data rates and is committed ultimately to the end consumer by ensuring they are at the front of any future advancement in throughput when they buy an 18Gbps RedMere enabled HDMI cable.’

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