Monday, June 20, 2011

Aptina Launches 2-Megapixel Image Sensor with 720p/30fps for Mobile Video Applications

Aptina, a leading provider of CMOS imaging solutions today announced the introduction of its MT9D015 mobile image sensor. The 1/5-inch, 2-megapixel (MP) sensor meets the growing needs of the mobile market for primary and front-facing cameras for still image and video capture within smartphones. The sensor’s 1.75-micron pixel uses the latest Aptina™ A-Pix™ technology, enabling improved performance and increased low-light sensitivity. Used as a primary camera, the new sensor provides exceptional performance for DSC-like image capture including reduced latency (less lag time between shots) and overall image quality. For front facing video applications, the sensor captures video in high definition (HD) at 720p/30fps for an enhanced video chat experience. The MT9D015 is a cost-effective, compact, sensor-only solution that is capable of meeting camera integrators’ low z-height requirements to enable thinner phones.

“The MT9D015 is a versatile imaging solution for mobile camera applications, providing camera integrators with a high definition imaging sensor that can capture video at 30 frames per second,” said Farshid Sabet, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina's Mobile, PC Gaming Business Unit. “The sensor leverages the Android platform’s native support for primary and front-facing cameras, making camera integration easier.”

The 2MP MT9D015 provides integrators with an advanced feature set to enhance mobile camera applications without overlapping integrator’s processor functions. The 1.75-┬Ám pixel in the sensor uses the latest generation Aptina A-Pix technology to deliver a leading 2MP sensor with excellent dynamic range and high sensitivity. The sensor enables full resolution snapshots at 30fps for reduced shutter lag, and video capture that leverages the technology advancements in processors supporting 720p resolution. Smooth video recording in 720p/30fps format via high quality scaling provides and maintains full field-of-view makes for excellent HD video capture as a primary camera, or a friendlier video chatting experience when used as a front-facing camera. Designers can use single-lane MIPI® (CSI-2) for compatibility with a variety of image processors, and the sensor’s one time programmable memory enables storage of camera module and lens correction information. The sensor’s architecture delivers essential ISP features like defect correction, scaling and lens shading correction, and leverages the growing capability in the back end processor for an efficient 2MP, 720p video camera module solution.

About Aptina A-Pix Technology

Aptina A-Pix technology is a series of advanced pixel technologies, featuring lightguide, deep photodiode, and 65nm pixel design rules that cost-effectively advance pixel performance. Aptina A-Pix technology enhances quantum efficiency and minimizes crosstalk to capture sharp images with vibrant colors even in the low-light conditions that challenge traditional sensors. Aptina has already shipped millions of imaging products containing earlier generations of Aptina’s reliable and established FSI technology. For more information, visit Aptina’s website at


Currently sampling, the MT9D015 is being evaluated by several leading mobile manufacturers. Mass production is scheduled for calendar Q4 2011. The sensor is available in recon die and CSP. MT9D015 datasheet.

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