Thursday, June 9, 2011

Littelfuse Announces Industry’s First 125-450A, 1000VDC Solar Fuse

Littelfuse, Inc. (Nasdaq: LFUS) announced today at Intersolar Europe the release of the new high-amperage SPFJ fuse for 1000VDC photovoltaic circuit protection.

The new SPFJ Series is the first 1000VDC, high-current fuse to be approved to the new UL Photovoltaic fuse standard – UL2579. The SPFJ is also designed to meet the new IEC Photovoltaic fuse standard 60269-6 with independent certification expected later this month.

Additionally, the SPFJ Series is approved as a UL Class J fuse. This approval qualifies the fuse for branch and feeder circuit applications, and the form factor of the Class J fuse accommodates either low-cost busbar mounting or easy replacement through the use of the newly released UL 4248-18 Listed 1000VDC fuseblock. The fuse’s small footprint reduces panel size and allows more flexibility for designers of solar inverters, array combiners, and other high direct-current applications.

“Being the first to offer a 1000VDC fuse for higher-current applications that meets both UL and IEC photovoltaic standards demonstrates the ability of Littelfuse to be the technical leader for circuit protection in solar applications,” stated Dan Gilman, Global Sales Engineering Director at Littelfuse. “The small size and global adaptability of the SPFJ brings a lot of value, as OEM designers struggle to find critical space and meet multiple global standards.” The new fuse was developed at the newly opened high-power Test and Engineering Center at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois, USA.

The SPFJ Series is part of a comprehensive offering of circuit protection products including fuses, relays and TVS diodes that Littelfuse is showing at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany.

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