Thursday, June 16, 2011

Luminus Introduces the Compact SBT-16 and SBT-39 Red-Green-Blue LED Chipsets for Ultra-Mobile LED Projector Segment

Luminus Devices, Inc., developer and manufacturer of high light output Big Chip LEDs™, today announced the availability of the Compact SBT-16 and SBT-39 chipsets, the company’s newest Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED chipsets targeted primarily to consumer projectors. Both chipsets come in a surface mount package (SMT) and were designed to address the market demand for increasingly compact form factors while retaining very high brightness output.

Personal and ultra-mobile LED projectors are an emerging class of miniature projection devices with sizes typically ranging from 150 to 400 cm3. These projectors may include built-in digital media players and can connect to portable devices such as PDAs and notebook computers to provide a large display experience.

The new chipsets consist of red, green and blue LEDs that are individually assembled in a small footprint, performance surface mount package. Each Compact SBT-16 device comes with a 1.6mm2 LED emitter and has a 18.5 mm2 footprint, a 70 percent reduction over the previous generation device. They are engineered for the most compact palm-size or embedded projectors with performance ranging from 30 to 150 lumens depending on the available power budget. The SBT-39 devices include a 3.9 mm2 LED emitter with a package footprint of only 33 mm2 and are designed for mid-range projectors whose performance ranges from 150 to 300 lumens.

“The Compact SBT-16 and SBT-39 chipsets integrate the latest advances in LED technology and allow our customers to create thinner, more compact projectors while retaining the high brightness that consumers expect from LED projectors,” said Stephane Bellosguardo, director of global product marketing, Display Business Group, Luminus. “Continued innovation in light source technology enables new applications and product differentiation, fueling an increasingly segmented market that research firms predict will be a multi-million unit market by 2013.”

The Compact SBT-16 and SBT-39 integrate seamlessly with standard SMT manufacturing processes and equipment. Luminus Big Chip LEDs are RoHS compliant, and unlike traditional projector lamps they are free of hazardous materials such as mercury. Their high reliability eliminates the need for light source replacement, resulting in maintenance-free, worry-free projectors. Samples of both chipsets are now available to lead customers.

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